Praise for Abundant Kids Rock!

Cori Charvat, Harvard Business Publishing, Denver, CO. Mom of three, ages 8, 10 & 12.

Abundant Kids ROCK!” is THE recipe for how to create and radiate positive energy for you and your family.  We all get to choose how we show up to life each day. Are we smelling the roses or only getting pricked by the thorns? By following Traci, Nathan and Justin’s stories, this book will help you realize the power you have in your own life to see the opportunities around you and how to live your happiest life together. You will reference it again and again!

Gary Mart, MD, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, Chicago, IL. Dad of two, ages 12 & 16.

Research shows the average human brain hangs on to negative versus positive experiences and thoughts at a ratio of 4:1, at best.  Every day in my medical practice, I see how it’s a constant battle for my patients and their families to limit negative thinking and bring more positive thoughts to their lives. It’s important to have tools like this book to keep kids motivated to stay positive. Thank you for writing this book. This should be taught in grade school! 

Eli, Age 12.

Listen up, kids… this book is awesome and you better read it. I used to compare myself to my older brother or other kids in school and feel badly that I didn’t have as many friends as they did. This book taught me not to compare myself to other people because that is the key to unhappiness. I learned that anything is possible, so I’ve changed my thinking to treat everyone like a friend, because that is how I will make a lot more of them. My advice is to just forget about what you don’t have and be grateful for what you do have. We’re all special for who we are!

JoEllen Schubmehl, M.A.T., Walnut Grove Elementary School, 4th Grade Reading & Language Arts teacher, Franklin, TN. Mom of two, ages 8 & 10.

I loved this book so much (the premise, the message, the voice and the accessibility). The commentary from the boys throughout the book was also a sweet touch. The very night I read it, I decided I would utilize these suggestions, messages and principals in our family and I even downloaded one of the recommended apps right away. I imagine families (including mine) snuggled up in bed, reading a chapter together and then having a discussion about it. It’s a wonderful way to connect, introduce the concepts, and also bring ownership to each member of the family. I hope the Claytons write sequels and additional books for children and families – that would ROCK!

Virginia- Age 12

This book is so helpful. I can be a tough editor and yet I couldn’t think of anything I would change about it!  The examples and stories really make an impact to help people have a better attitude. This book is what all humanity needs to read… it would fix most all the bad things in our world. The Claytons have a real talent for this!

Diane Gressley, M.A., M.B.A., Clinical Technology Adoption Consultant, Cleveland, OH. Honorary aunt extraordinaire to many beloved children, ages 1-99.

This book is absolutely fantastic. I was immediately engaged from the minute I opened it. I finished the book while traveling in an airplane and I was literally flying high with Abundance!  I have always been a kid at heart and know that anyone – including adults and children – will benefit from taking time to read this insightful book.  I can’t wait to read more from this awesome family.

Anne C. Oscherwitz, MD, Psychiatrist, Chicago, Illinois. Mom of two, ages 12 & 16.

‘Abundant Kids ROCK!’ is a terrific, concrete reminder of how important it is to think positively.       It teaches you how to get back on track when you get derailed with negative thinking and how to stay in an appreciative zone. My 12-year old read this book and was immediately pumped up and inspired to practice Abundant thinking. He had a new positive outlook on how to make friends and how to simply accept himself. This is evidence of how quickly and easily you can shift your outlook which impacts your choices, judgment and overall life. A wonderful tool for kids and grown-ups of all ages!

Leah Cordovez, MD, Integrative Medicine, St. Thomas Medical Partners, Nashville, TN. Mom of two, ages 14 and 16.

I really enjoyed this book – easy, simple, direct, motivating and inspiring. As I read it, I found myself distracted by how much I can’t wait for my own children to read it! I love the way the book takes you through the why and how of Abundance and optimism using the voices of the boys. The resources at the end are great, too.       I would buy multiple copies and have every kid I know read it with their parents!

Lucy – Age 10

I really enjoyed reading this book. It teaches people about Abundant thinking, how to do it and how important it is in life. I liked hearing examples from all the Clayton family members. It really, truly inspired me to use Abundant thinking!

Hillary Quist, M.A., Public Middle School Math Teacher and Education Consultant, Hoboken, NJ. Mom of two, ages 15 & 17.

I read this book at a very busy time for teachers and it reminded me that I create my own reality! I am very impressed with the book and found it easy to follow – it is broken up in such a way that you can read it all at once or a bit at a time (great for adults or families on the go). I especially love the resources at the end.

Suzanne Walter, Technology Business Analyst, Colorado Springs, CO. Adoptive mom of two, ages 5 and 9.

I LOVE this book and connected with it so much! I got really wrapped up in reading it and didn’t want to stop. I had to get up a couple of times while reading it to take care of other things and I found myself already using more positive self-talk right away while I finished my tasks. Great job, Nathan and Justin, and great job, Traci (mom), on raising your boys to be such positive thinkers!

Allison Currie, Systems Manager, Ann Arbor, MI. Mom of two, ages 19 & 22.

Reading this book was immediately uplifting. What a wonderful world we would have if all kids grew up knowing how to use positive Affirmations instead of getting stuck in anger, loneliness and negativity. Nathan and Justin (and their mom) are an inspiration for kids everywhere! 

Stephanie Nugent, M.A., Walnut Grove Elementary School, 4th Grade Science & Math teacher. Mom of two, ages 25 and 27.

I loved this book – it explains Abundant thinking perfectly!   This is a quick and easy read that leaves a glimmer of Abundant Thinking in your brain afterward.  Even weeks after I finished reading it, I was still thinking about how I live, how I communicate with myself and others – basically how I want to live my life.  I am so glad to be a part of this Abundant journey!

Dave Verhaagen, PhD, Psychologist, Author, and Co-Founder of Southeast Psych. Dad of four, ages 23, 22 and 21.

I love that Abundant Kids ROCK! is refreshingly positive and also amazingly practical. The book shows how kids and families can think, act and be more positive, optimistic and emotionally healthy. With their focus on Abundance thinking, this family of writers shares wisdom that can help families with kids of all ages.