About the Book

Written by psychologist mom, Dr. Traci Clayton, and her 10-year old twin boys, Justin and Nathan, this 160+ page full-color book is for kids of ALL ages, parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches or any adult looking for more happiness.

Practical tools for creating successful mindsets that lead to lives full of joy, health, resilience and strong relationships… in other words, an Abundant life!

A STUNNINGLY beautiful full-color, 163 page book…the perfect gift for yourself and every family you want to spread joy to.

What People Are Saying About Abundant Kids Rock!

Leah C., MD, Integrative Physician.  Mom of two, ages 14 and 16.  I would buy multiple copies and have every kid I know read it with their parents!

Dave V, PhD, Psychologist, Author.  Dad of four, ages 23, 22 and 21.  I love that Abundant Kids ROCK! is refreshingly positive and also amazingly practical.  The book shows how kids and families can think, act and be more positive, optimistic and emotionally healthy.

Cori C., Publishing Exec.  Mom of three, ages 8, 10 & 12.  Abundant Kids ROCK!” is THE recipe for how to create and radiate positive energy for you and your family.

Gary M., MD, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, Dad of two, ages 12 & 16.  Thank you for writing this book.  This should be taught in grade school!

Eli, Age 12. Listen up, kids… this book is awesome and you better read it… I learned that anything is possible.

JoEllen S., 4th Grade teacher. Mom of two, ages 8 & 10.   I imagine families snuggled up in bed, reading a chapter together and then having a discussion about it.

Virginia- Age 12.  This book is what all humanity needs to read… it would fix most all the bad things in our world.

Diane, Technology Consultant. Honorary aunt extraordinaire to many beloved children, ages 1-99. This book is absolutely fantastic.  I finished the book while traveling in an airplane and I was literally flying high with Abundance!

Anne O., MD, Psychiatrist. Mom of two, ages 12 & 16. My 12-year old read this book and was immediately pumped up and inspired to practice Abundant thinking.  He had a new positive outlook on how to make friends and how to simply accept himself.

Allison C., Systems Manager. Mom of two, ages 19 & 22. Reading this book was immediately uplifting. What a wonderful world we would have if all kids grew up knowing how to use positive Affirmations instead of getting stuck in anger, loneliness and negativity.  Nathan and Justin (and their mom) are an inspiration for kids everywhere!

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