About the Authors

Meet Dr. Clayton

After 25+ years as a PhD Clinical Psychologist (helping kids & adults) and also as a PhD Leadership Psychologist & Consultant to global companies, Fortune 500 executives and CEOs… Dr. Clayton had a HUGE ah-ha while writing a healthcare leadership book about the negative mindsets that keep that industry stuck.  If only those leaders had grown up with positive thinking habits (like ‘Can-Do/Will-Do’ Abundance Attitudes), our country would be in a healthier place!  The inspiration led her to write a joyful book for kids and parents with her own 10-year old twin boys.  See how these kids and their “ROCKIN’ Doc” mom, Dr. Traci Lynn Clayton (“Dr. TLC”), are teaching families everywhere about how to change their lives with Positive Thinking and Abundance Mindsets.

Dr. Clayton is an author, speaker and trusted leadership advisor to many people, teams and leaders around the globe.  She’s been an Executive Leader, University Professor, Medical School Faculty, Center for Creative Leadership Senior Faculty, Vice President and North American Managing Principal of a Global Leadership Consulting Firm, the CEO of Insight from the Outside (a US-based Healthcare Consulting Firm) and of course a Rockin’ Mom Extraordinaire!

She is known for her deep insights, bringing together multiple perspectives to solve some of the toughest challenges for people from ages 1-100.  She teaches the use of simple but powerful tools to help people create joy, happiness and success, personally and in business, by focusing on creating the most positive outcome for the highest good for all.

Call it crazy but it’s an absolute fact that we have roughly 30,000 to 50,000 NEGATIVE thoughts per day!  Don’t flip out, though… in 2 minutes, any 7 year-old or any CEO can learn the SAME 4 steps to turn that dark cloud into a sunny day and make it a lifelong, joyful success habit.  Dr. Clayton can show you how.

She is thrilled to share her new book, written together with her 10-year-old twin boys, Justin and Nathan. Through the pages of Abundant Kids Rock! Dr. Clayton offers steps and instructions on how to practice Abundance while her boys lovingly share their personal anecdotes on how they’ve applied these teachings to their own lives.  This book will warm your heart and change your life…starting now!  Get the book today!

Meet Nathan

Hello. I’m Nathan Clayton.  I am 10 years old.  I have a fun, interesting life.  I also have a loving brother and mom.  I enjoy listening to peaceful music, playing baseball, hanging out with my brother and traveling (especially to California).  My favorite dinner is Chicken Tikka Masala.  I’m a big fan of the Los Angeles Angels baseball team but I root for lots of teams.  I loved writing this book because it made me feel Abundant. I like the idea of helping the world feel the same way.

Meet Justin

Hi!  I’m Justin Clayton.  I’m 10 years old and I’m one of the authors of this awesome book.  I love hanging out with our family and doing fun things together – even just going to dinner and having a good conversation.  I love my mom and my brother and they always have my back.  I enjoy being with my friends and playing outside with them.  I really like to play baseball and appreciate my team’s support when I’m having a rough day.  I’m a happy person and I’m grateful for everything the world has to offer, including you!