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Abundant Kids ROCK! delivers several easy solutions for creating the joyful life you want!

Reading, writing, math (even art and music) are a stable part of a child’s education. What’s missing are the skills and strategies kids need for a healthy mental, emotional and social life… an Abundant life! Abundant Kids ROCK! offers children and families practical tools for positive thinking, immediately useful for creating successful mindsets that lead to lives full of joy, health, resilience and strong relationships.

Kids of all ages, parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches and even any adult looking for more happiness will benefit from the endearing lessons shared from the loving hearts of mom and psychologist, Dr. Traci Clayton, and her 10-year-old twin boys, Justin and Nathan. This book is a captivating and accessible guide for kids and families, containing everything you need to start your Abundant journey. Ready to ROCK!? Come join us!